We will arrange 12 peer-learning visits between March and September 2021 and will invite representatives from local and regional authorities and from cultural heritage organisations to attend. The first six peer learning visits will take place online from March to May 2021. The dates for the second batch of peer learning visits will be confirmed in February 2021.


What are peer learning visits?


Peer-learning visits are an opportunity for groups of experts, decision makers and stakeholders to discuss first-hand how host cities and regions successfully implemented cultural heritage policies and projects and how they locally support culture and cultural heritage. Participants are able to also discuss challenges and barriers encountered along the way and how they were overcome with fellow participants (around 24 participants per visit). The visit provides an intimate and trusting setting to discuss experiences, provide feedback and build solutions together.


Online peer-learning visit will be a series of engagements taking place at the same time over 3 to 5 consecutive days (max. 2 hours a day). Onsite peer learning visit will last three days and two nights.


During the visits, participants will be introduced to the host city/region local context and successful practices related to cultural heritage. They will get useful information and ideas for improving their existing local projects, initiating new ones or transferring some of the presented practices. Another part of the visit will be dedicated to dynamic forms of peer learning designed to stimulate interaction, collaborative learning and solution-building.


Where and when will the visit take place?


Peer-learning visits will take place in cities/regions featured in the catalogue of good practices that can be found here. A call for host cities/regions has been launched among the 30 cities/regions featured in the catalogue and 12 hosts have been selected. The first 6 online visits will be hosted by Vantaa, Kortrijk, Central Scotland, Val Grande national park, Tampere, and Rotterdam from March to May 2021. The next 6 visits will be hosted by Nantes, Budapest, Cantabria region, Sibenik, Reggio Emilia and Central Denmark. Dates will be confirmed in February 2021.


How can prospective participants take part in peer learning visits?


Participants to the visits will be selected through calls for interest. The call for interest for the first batch of online visits is open until 8 February 2021 and can be found here. A second call will be published in March 2021 for the second batch of visits.


Participants will be selected according to their expertise and to their specific learning needs. For visits to take place onsite, travel and accommodation costs will be covered by through the project. For visits to take place onsite, participants will receive a certificate of attendance and completion from the European Commission.