Main take-aways from European Capitals of Culture 2015



The European Commission has published its evaluation of the European Capitals of Culture (ECoC) 2015 – Mons in Belgium and Pilsen in the Czech Republic.

The main takeaways from the year were:

• the positive impacts that the ECoC title can have on relatively small cities with relatively small budgets, such as Pilsen
• the importance of national involvement, as well as the continuation of the structures and communities set up to prepare for ECoC year even once it has finished
• future ECoC cities should think carefully about investing in new cultural buildings and be realistic about attracting foreign visitors
• to confirm and promote key events as early as possible to give potential visitors and other stakeholders time to prepare, particularly considering that the press and the tourist industry tend to promote destinations in the year running up to a major event
• the overall cultural programming should also be finalized early – Mons, for example, despite having enjoyed a highly fruitful ECoC year, could have further boosted their success by releasing their programme earlier than the October before the start of their title year

You can read the full report here.

Photo © Mons 2015