Cultural heritage: a powerful catalyst for cities and regions.

We are thrilled to share the key findings from Cultural Heritage in Action! Our brand new publication captures the main trends on cultural heritage management in European cities and regions. It is mainly aimed at policymakers from European cities and regions, staff from national and European administrations working in the field of culture and cultural heritage, and heritage practitioners.


Cultural Heritage in Action has ended, long live Cultural Heritage in Action!

For 18 months, Cultural Heritage in Action allowed exchange on cultural heritage as a key to Europe’s future and a crucial resource and strategic asset for cities and regions’ sustainable development. Cultural heritage ranks high in the strategic priorities of local and regional authorities. Throughout its activities, Cultural Heritage in Action had an important impact on capacity building in cultural heritage-led development in European local and regional administrations as well as for stakeholders.


Cultural heritage as a bedrock for participatory processes in Nantes

The birthplace of Jules Verne, Nantes (France) is a centre of imagination and creativity. Thanks to political commitment and significant financial investments, culture in all its forms is bubbling throughout the city.