“Innovation is not just about product development: it is about how our society changes and improves” Jose Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission

‘Innovation’ describes the process of producing and putting into place something new, be it a product or process. An innovation is therefore the end output of the process of innovation.

Often, economic growth is the main incentive for innovation. Innovative societies are also developing solutions to challenges such as climate change and tackling inequalities. 

Cities and their partners facilitate technological, market-based innovation, as well as leading the ‘public’ and ‘social’ innovation that is key to Europe’s global competitiveness. Cities provide the critical mass of markets, consumers and businesses to serve as laboratories of growth and innovation.

Municipal administrations are both innovators and supporters of innovation. On the one hand, their infrastructure and services - business incubators, research and development clusters, adult learning, or local partnerships - are conducive to innovation. Similarly, they are able to drive forward innovation by exercising their powers, for example, though stringent urban planning policies that ensure new approaches to housing, or procurement calls that favour new approaches to product design.

On the other hand, city administrations are innovators themselves. They adapt their work and services to respond to changing circumstances. By drawing on local intelligence, cities can develop entirely new solutions to challenges, such as healthcare or transport congestion.

We believe that cities should be placed at the heart of the EU’s Innovation Union and the accompanying ‘innovation partnerships’, and be well-placed to participate in key programmes such as Horizon2020.

WG Smart Social Inclusion in Brno

The next meeting of the WG Smart Social Inclusion will take place in Brno from Thursday 1st to Friday 2nd June.


start date: 01-06-2017
end date: 02-06-2017

WG Urban Ageing - Innovation in Care conference

On Thursday 18 May the conference "Innovation in Care:How to improve quality of life and services for an ageing population?” will take place in Brussels. The WG Urban Ageing will meet the following day, on 19 May.


start date: 18-05-2017
end date: 19-05-2017

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start date: 24-04-2017
end date: 26-04-2017

  •  knowledge society

WeGO Smart Sustainable City Awards

The WeGO Smart Sustainable City Awards recognises and promotes outstanding ICT, smart city, and e-Government practices of cities and local governments from all over the world, WeGO and non-WeGO members alike.


publication date: 13-04-2017

Cities reaffirm their commitment to fight against poverty and rising inequalities

On 3-4 of April 2017, the EUROCITIES Social Affairs Forum held a meeting in the city of Lisbon. A record number of 140 representatives from over 40 cities gathered to discuss effective ways to prevent and respond to deep-seated poverty and rising inequalities in cities.


publication date: 10-04-2017

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publication date: 05-04-2017

LOGIN 2017 Festival

LOGIN is the largest tech and innovations festival in the Baltic States, attracting more than 6000 attendees annually.


start date: 24-05-2017
end date: 26-05-2017

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start date: 17-10-2017
end date: 18-10-2017

Working group smart social inclusion: Milan’s social entrepreneurship strategy

On 23-24 February, Milan hosted a study visit for members of EUROCITIES working group smart social inclusion to present the city’s initiatives for promoting social entrepreneurship and social inclusion. Representatives from Bialystok, Brno, Katowice, Madrid, Nantes, Porto, Riga, Utrecht and Warsaw were in attendance.


publication date: 27-02-2017

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EUROCITIES webinar on ICapital award

On 4 April, from 11.00 (CET), Giuseppe Ruotolo, from DG Research & Innovation - B1 Innovation Union Policy will present the new European Capital of Innovation award to EUROCITIES members.


start date: 04-04-2017
end date: 04-04-2017